Votes Switched throughout U.S. Presidential Race

This is the group that revealed the Italian connection. – Nations In Action is the antithesis of nations’ inaction. GO!, team, GO!

This truly is election interference by a foreign country (or countries)… not just a “Trumped up” charge.

But let’s be clear, friends. It’s not a country – it’s not “Italy” or “Germany” or “China” that has created this chaos, it is a few very naughty – ill-dark-and-naughty, as I call them – Luciferians who have been plotting in secret to take over this country and the world, for millennia. The majority of people in every country are good, honest, decent, kind, caring people, like you and me. It is the very few at the top of the pyramid who are pulling the strings to create all the mischief we’ve been seeing in our world recently. Don’t paint everyone guilty – be specific. Learn who is actually pulling the strings. Send ’em to a nice, warm island in the Caribbean for a good, long time – or help facilitate their journey to their choice of either heaven or hell.


Senior IT Expert at Global Defense Contractor Testifies in Italian Federal Court; He and Others Switched Votes throughout America in the U.S. Presidential Race

Rome, Italy (January 5, 2021) – An employee of the 8th largest global defense contractor, Leonardo SpA, provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting a US election. Corroborating the DNI Ratcliff’s report of international intrusion, Arturo D’elio outlined the scheme that proved successful in using Leonardo computer systems and military satellites located in Pescara, Italy…

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