Vitamin D: Science discovers new investment opportunities in eugenics campaign against African Americans

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers have identified new gene mutations unique to colon cancers in African Americans — the population with the highest incidence and death rates of any group for this disease.

This discovery — namely, that colorectal cancers appear different on a molecular level in African Americans — offers new hope for these patients. With this groundbreaking knowledge, scientists now will seek to develop treatments that target the distinct nature of the disease in African Americans — and, they hope, begin to reduce the devastation disproportionately wrought on this population.

The findings, published in the Jan. 12 edition of PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), only became possible because of technological advances in gene sequencing and computational analysis. The study that revealed this invaluable information ultimately involved review of 1.5 billion bits of data.

“This milestone study builds on our previous genetic research on colorectal cancer,” said Sanford Markowitz, MD, PhD, corresponding author on the study, and principal investigator of the $11.3 million federal gastrointestinal cancers research program (GI SPORE) that includes this project. “It illustrates the extraordinary impact that dedicated, collaborative teams can make when they combine scientific experience and ingenuity with significant investment.” …

Naturally such significant investments will require significant returns.   Disaster capitalists always find a way, in this case by ensuring (via research funding or lack of funding) medicine’s continued blindness to the importance of adequate (i.e. paleo-normal levels of) vitamin D, especially for dark skinned people living in northern latitudes.   It’s getting hard to overlook the pattern here.  D-mediated  premature birth, preeclampsia, cancer, flu and covid infection and mortality are all functioning as depopulation levers for the invisible government.   Eugenics with a smily face.

Vitamin D Levels Linked to Lower Colorectal Cancer Risk

A study by an international group of researchers from organizations including the American Cancer Society finds that higher levels of vitamin D in the blood is associated with a lower risk for getting colorectal cancer. Previous studies have suggested a link but were inconclusive. The new study was published online June 14, 2018 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

The researchers combined data from 17 prospective studies, which is a type of study that follows people over time to try to determine why some of them get a certain disease, in this case colorectal cancer. The analysis is the largest to date, using data from about 12,800 people. All participants were tested for vitamin D levels in their blood before diagnosis. Often, this measure was taken when they initially joined the study. They became part of the new analysis because they developed colorectal cancer. Another group was matched to the study group by age, race and date of blood draw. These “matched” controls were people who did not have colorectal cancer. All the blood was tested or re-tested using the same method at the same medical laboratory for consistency.

The importance of vitamin D

Vitamin D has long been known to be needed for bone health. Participants in the study were considered to have enough levels of vitamin D in their blood if they met the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) suggested levels of circulating vitamin D based on evidence for maintaining healthy bones.

The study found that people with deficient serum vitamin D levels according to the NAM definition had a 31% higher risk of colorectal cancer during the length of time they were followed, which was an average of 5 ½ years (the full range was 1-25 years). The lowest colorectal cancer risk was found in people who had circulating vitamin D levels even higher than the NAM recommendation for sufficient concentrations. However, the risk did not continue to decrease for the very highest levels of vitamin D concentrations the study looked at.

According to Marji McCullough, ScD, RD, American Cancer Society epidemiologist and co-first author of the study, the findings indicate there may be a target range of circulating vitamin D levels that may be associated with lowest risk for colorectal cancer. She said, “What’s optimal for colorectal cancer may be different for what’s optimal for bone health.” In the US, laboratories often use different methods when measuring vitamin D status than were used in this study, and may have different definitions from NAM of how much is needed to be healthy.

However, these findings do not change current public health policy….

Naturally.   Science hardly ever changes public health policy unless there’s a profit angle.

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