The Next False Flag

Given the historical behavior of the permanent bureaucracy and the stated desires of the current regime, it’s a no-brainer that government-staged gun massacres will be carried out as was the case during the obama and clinton years.  (Bush concentrated more on fake “foreign threats”)   The currently targeted political groups  are constitutionalists, 2nd amendment supporters, skeptics of the fake election and (for good measure) russia.   Naturally the targets will shift as further developments warrant.   Perhaps depressed kindergartners who haven’t embraced the new fake normal will be the next threat to our “democracy”.   Or maybe Biden will have an early retirement.

So let me stress that this is not random speculation.   The probability of a major assassination or resumption of staged massacres of school children is practically 100%.    It has all but happened.   The question is, will the public fall for it again?

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