Leftist pages and accounts start getting censored and deplatformed by Twitter and Facebook

(Natural News) After spending the better part of last year cheering on big tech as it systematically censored and deplatformed conservative personalities from social media websites, many prominent leftist accounts on Twitter and YouTube are now getting suspended.

Facebook and Twitter have gone on a deplatforming spree, suspending many accounts of prominent left-wing groups and personalities. This includes socialist student organizations and several accounts used by the radical anarcho-communist group Antifa. Many of these pages had thousands or tens of thousands of followers.

According to OANN, there has been speculation that the wave of suspensions is a consequence of the violent riots that erupted in Portland following the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Independent journalist and Antifa expert Andy Ngo called the move by Twitter “too little too late.”

“I wonder why they didn’t act when we were at the height of the violent riots across the U.S. that lasted for months,” he added….


Because the riots were useful to the establishment, which is neither left nor right.   It is luciferian: it plays both sides.

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