How skewed media coverage affects an election

Biden remorse. This was an email advertisement for The Epoch Times, but it also is an interesting standalone article. Early voting, before all the information is in, might not be such a good idea. See what you think…

Have you ever wondered how skewed media coverage affects an election?

In a poll conducted by the Media Research Center (MRC), 1 in 6 Joe Biden voters surveyed said they would not have voted for Biden if they had known about one or more of eight news stories.

The eight stories used in the poll were about Biden or Donald Trump. Three of the topics were negative about Biden, including his son Hunter Biden’s email scandal. Five of them were positive about Trump.

This indicates that people may not be getting important information that would help them decide which candidate best reflects their values. The MRC poll showed that 17% of Biden voters would have changed their vote—enough to change the outcome of the presidential election.

Suppressing information like this can lead Americans to make decisions that they don’t actually agree with—the opposite of how a healthy democracy is supposed to work.

This is what we’re looking to fix at The Epoch Times.

No matter how the times may change, we remain dedicated to making sure people have access to the information that will allow them to make decisions that best align with their values.

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