‘Eliminate contact with others now’: Irish PM confirms toughest Level 5 Covid restrictions after infections surge

The Republic of Ireland will be placed under its most severe Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions until January 31 amid rising numbers of coronavirus infections, Prime Minister Micheal Martin said on Wednesday.

The tougher measures will force the closure of pubs, gyms and non-essential retail, as well as imposing a ban on all household visits and a 5km limit on travel.

The Irish government has also pushed back the return of primary and secondary school pupils by five days, to January 11.

“We must protect the lives of those we love; the actions we are taking are saving lives… right now, this is what we must do. We must make sure as many of our people as possible are with us to enjoy the brighter days ahead,” Martin said in a televised speech to the nation….


I have a better idea to bring on brighter days: stop testing asymptomatic people for a virus which doesn’t transmit without symptoms, has a 99+% survival rate and is treatable with cheap conventional supplementation + hcq and/or ivermectin.

We’ll only have brighter days ahead if such closeted bankster puppets are jailed before it’s too late.   Otherwise, the abyss awaits.

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