Yet More Evidence Of Widespread Election Fraud in Pennsylvania

The establishment keeps claiming there’s “no evidence of widespread fraud” in the 2020 presidential election. That was never entirely accurate, but now it’s a whopper of Clintonian proportions.

Over the course of an extensive press conference, the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society introduced three whistleblowers who together painted a comprehensive and interlocking picture of illegality and malfeasance involving hundreds of thousands of ballots being prepared, curated, and moved across state lines.

The first whistleblower was Gregory Stenstrom, a Navy veteran and computer scientist who served as a Republican poll watcher in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. After a five-hour battle just to gain access to the centralized counting center, Stenstrom witnessed a number of significant abnormalities and breaches of protocol.

Stenstrom was at ground zero of the Democrat’s cheat — the point where all their preparation had to (and did) come together

First, Stenstrom saw election workers carrying postal trays full of ballots out of a locked back room. When he asked for access to the room in order to observe what was going on inside — something he was entitled to do as a credentialed election observer — he was flatly refused by an election supervisor. After offering a number of increasingly flimsy excuses, the supervisor eventually exclaimed, “there’s no fraud going on” — as though her assurances should have been considered the final word on the matter.

Stenstrom wouldn’t accept that, and eventually got a judge to order that he and other poll watchers must be allowed into the room for five minutes every two hours. When he got back there, he saw boxes containing what he calculated to be more than 50,000 completed ballots, despite having been previously told that only 6,000 ballots remained to be brought onto the main counting room floor.

Later, Stenstrom saw election workers uploading votes from the USB drives used in voting machines. In the process, they separated those drives from their accompanying cartridges and paper tapes, rendering it impossible to conduct a post-election audit. When Stenstrom objected, he was told that this was just how things have always been done.

The secrecy and malfeasance Stenstrom saw inside the Delaware County counting center is direct evidence of wrongdoing and circumstantial evidence of coordinated election fraud. Amistad Project Director Phill Kline, a former district attorney and Attorney General of Kansas, pointed out during the press conference that he’s never investigated a guilty person who hasn’t tried to conceal evidence of their wrongdoing. Concealing evidence is exactly what the election workers in Delaware County were doing.

But if there were tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots in a back room, they must have come from somewhere. That’s where the other two whistleblowers, both subcontractors for the United States Postal Service, come in….

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