Why Did All The BLM Protests Disappear One Week Before The Election?

In his latest, roughly 80 minute DoubleLine webcast, Jeff Gundlach filled all the usual blanks, discussing the economy, the market and the unprecedented divergence between the two, the unsustainable trends in government spending hence the title of the webcast “no end in sight” referring to the explosive growth in US public debt…

Not Our Debt
Not Our Debt

… as well as his views and outlook (even if he did not explicitly lay out his 2021 forecast). All of that was to be expected.

What however, was a shock, is what Gundlach said amid his discussion of the US political climate which nobody had expected him to say – and what no major news organization has actually reported perhaps out of fear that it may be canceled by association. Addressing the outcome of the election, Gundlach touched on a very sensitive – to the liberal media – topic, when he mentioned the BLM riots that had spread across the country for much of the summer and fall, and yet “oddly a lot of these protests disappeared one week before the election. Makes you wonder what is going on behind the surface” Gundlach said to what would have been audible gasps from the audience if the audience had microphones….


Deep State Financed Baltimore Destabilization in 2015

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