US Troops In S.Korea First To Receive Mass Vaccination As Host Country Cases Soar

The first large-scale Pentagon vaccination effort of US troops stationed abroad is focusing on units stationed in South Korea, according to US Forces Korea (USFK), where they daily stare down a nuclear North Korea.

An official USFK statement reported in AFP said the military “administered initial doses of the Moderna vaccine for military and civilian healthcare workers, first responders and command staff across its medical treatment facilities in the country” at a moment the host country is experiencing a third devastating wave of coronavirus infections. …

This is insane.   Who controls moderna?   The same interests that created and released the virus?   We’ve seen how thoroughly infiltrated washington and california is with chinese intelligence operatives.   Do you think US troops stationed in SK might be a high priority for china?   What kind of idiots control the pentagon?

It seems ignorance about vitamin D has become a national security issue.  Thanks FDA!   Who controls THEM?

God help us.

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