The Covidians: “This is a bizarre, lunatic, totalitarian cult.” – Ted Cruz

Yesterday a doctor on MSNBC told Chucky Todd that even though people get the full two dose vaccine regimen, they still shouldn’t travel or stop wearing masks until everyone gets it:

How exactly does that even make sense? If one has taken the vaccine, then that person doesn’t have COVID and can’t get it. So how exactly does that person pose a threat to others? Either the vaccine works or it doesn’t….

Maybe it’s one of those newfangled quantum vaccines, it works and doesn’t work at the same time.   Or it’s 100% safe part of the time.   It’s a new religion for the doggedly faithful and the survivors of common core.

I suspect at some point vaccines will be used as a convenient vehicle for disposal of toxic industrial waste, just as water fluoridation was instituted as a way to convert toxic industrial effluents into a money-making commodity.   But that’s just because I’m a conspiracy theorist.

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