Scientists discover new target for vaccine depopulation strategy

An international research team led by the University of British Columbia (UBC) has uncovered for the first time the importance of a small gland tucked behind the sternum that works to prevent miscarriage and diabetes in pregnant women.

The organ in question is the thymus, identified in a study published today in the journal Nature as playing a significant role in both metabolic control and immunity in pregnancy.

How the immune system adapts to support mother and fetus has puzzled researchers for decades. The study — conducted by an international research team, including UBC’s Dr. Josef Penninger — reveals an answer. The researchers have found that female sex hormones instruct important changes in the thymus, a central organ of the immune system, to produce specialized cells called Tregs to deal with physiological changes that arise in pregnancy.

The researchers also identified RANK, a receptor expressed in a part of the thymus called the epithelium, as the key molecule behind this mechanism….

Who funds such research and why?

Suppose you combine a vaccine adjuvant with whatever molecule triggers RANK, in the same way the rockefeller’s tetanus-hCG antifertility vaccine works.   This is the kind of havoc you invite into your life when you abandon your god-given right and responsibility to protect yourself and your children from the medical industrial social control machine.

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