Mr. President: Rallies Will Not Save America

I like to watch your rallies for one simple reason: the people are happy and full of hope. They exude their desire to make America great again. But the time for rallies is in the past. The enemy is at the gate and the prospect for justice in our legal system is just a dream of our glory days.

Please consider:

  1. The presidential election was over five weeks ago and we have no clear winner. This election proved that our system is and has been fraudulent for over a decade. We have no confidence in our “elected” officials.
  2. Joe Biden told the world that he was going to use fraud in the election:

3. The Shadowgate video showed everyone the methods that were to be used to steal the election in August 2020.

4. Social media is censoring any discussion concerning the election results and fraud.

5. The justice system is dismissing cases without little or no review.

6. As of now, 21 states have joined with the Texas lawsuit against four states being heard in the Supreme Court.

7. Bill Barr censored the Hunter Biden information until after the election.

8. The Durham report was not released prior to the election.

9. The enemy is attacking us in the streets with no consequences.

10. China has bought the media, politicians and justice department. Our political elite is literally sleeping with the enemy.

I do not have the power to do anything at this time. But you do. Rallies will not accomplish anything except to further divide the country. At this point, neither side is going to compromise: one side wants Freedom and the other side wants Communism.

Patriots put their faith in God and also in the hope that you would have been able to eradicate the evil in the country. No one can fault you for not recognizing the depth of the evil. However, we do not understand why Barr, Wray and Haspel are in positions of authority. If we see their treachery, you also must see it.

Mr. President, our time has run out. We thought that you had a plan to expose the traitors in the country and in the election process. Our faith in you is waning as each day brings another “victory” for the enemy. The people who would have made America great again will never accept a Biden/Harris presidency. Our options are clear if this happens: civil war.

I understand that you know that our foreign adversaries want a civil war to destroy the country. I do not understand why this has been allowed to continue since November 3. Your response today:

Your inaction is killing the country. You are surrounded by the enemy and our children’s freedom hangs by a thread. We will not betray our forefathers’ sacrifices or our children’s Liberty.

David DeGerolamo

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