“Make Them Pay”: Puppet Politician Calls On Leftist Soldiers To Attack “Trumpers”

A testament to the  power of propaganda.   Did Trump fake a terrorist attack on 9/11?  Did he export our industrial infrastructure to china?   Is he waging a eugenical medical campaign against black mothers and covid sufferers via the suppression of vitamin D?    These were/are bipartisan atrocities carried out under the watchful eyes of the MSM she apparently worships.

No, he’s a racist because he wants the USA to have functioning borders like every other nation.   (try illegally immigrating to mexico if you want to see racism in action)   And he wants actual elections, not the choreographed charade carried out by the DNC during the entire month of november.

The DNC and its billionaire controllers are fascism incarnate.   Black people will be high on their hit list if they actually managed to overthrow what remains of the  constitution.

Is Michigan Rep. Cynthia Johnson trying to stoke civil war?

In a three-minute video posted to her Facebook page, the Democrat from Detroit said “This is just a warning to you Trumpers… be careful. Tread lightly. We ain’t playin’ with you…

Johnson then added “And for those of you who are soldiers… you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.”

Johnson, perhaps realizing what a massively stupid thing she’d done, posted a follow-up video on Wednesday morning which appears to ‘clarify’ that she was talking about ‘soldiers for Christ, against racism and against mysoginy.’

She then went into victim mode, claiming she’s received personal threats after participating in a Dec. 2 Michigan House Oversight meeting featuring Rudy Giuliani – who brought a Dominion Voting System whistleblower that testified to fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit.


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