Journalist Hounded After Pointing Out That Only Old And Sick Die From COVID

A British journalist has been targeted by an angry online mob after pointing out that only a relatively small amount of healthy people have died from COVID, and suggesting that the complete destruction of our way of life is not an adequate response.

Talkradio host Julia Hartley-Brewer used the National Health Service’s own statistics to point out that “Just 377 healthy people under 60 have died of Covid.”

“That’s not a typo. There are no zeros missing,” Hartley-Brewer noted urging that while it is sad, it shouldn’t justify the shutdown of the economy and the house arrest of the entire country.

She further noted that pointing this out doesn’t mean she is saying “to hell with the old and sick”…..

Let’s think this through shall we?   When the full economic impact of this mass hypochondria and economic paralysis hits, the old and sick will be the most severely affected first.    People have no idea of the economic chasm beneath our feet.   If we fall through, there will be no coming back.

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