Covidiocy could force more than a BILLION people worldwide into extreme poverty, UN warns

The dullards who run the UN and most of the western world seem especially vulnerable to covidiocy, but luckily the virus is only inducing them to pursue the same agenda of mass impoverishment and depopulation that they’ve had for decades.  Just in time too: the russian and terrorist threats have worn thin with the natives.

Another 207 million people could be driven into extreme poverty by the severe long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic, bringing the total number to more than one billion by 2030, warns the UN.

According to a new study from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) released this week, a “high-damage” scenario would mean a protracted recovery from the pandemic. The report anticipates that 80 percent of the pandemic-induced economic crisis would persist for over a decade, stalling the pre-pandemic growth trajectory. …

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