Cover-Up: ABC, CBS barely cover Hunter Biden Probe, ignore business deals in China

Just over a month after the 2020 presidential election, Hunter Biden and his father’s team dropped their spin operation on Wednesday against any and all criticism of Hunter’s corruption business dealings, admitting that Hunter’s under federal investigation over his taxes.

Most importantly, there’s no word yet on whether the Biden team and their media allies (ranging from CNN to The New York Times) will continue to argue this investigation is part of a Russian disinformation effort.

But when it came to the network evening newscasts, ABC and CBS couldn’t be bothered to each give it even a minute’s time or even allude to the efforts by those such as the New York Post and Tucker Carlson to expose his dealings in China.

ABC’s World News Tonight threw together only 29 seconds on Hunter as part of a much larger report fawning over President-Elect Joe Biden’s selection of Lloyd Austin to run the Defense Department.

Anchor David Muir noted a “developing headline involving Hunter Biden” in a tease and later shifted gears from Austin to Hunter at the tail end of ABC correspondent Mary Bruce’s report by inviting her to speak about “news….involving the President-Elect’s son.”

An ever-loyal Biden flack, Bruce downplayed it by summarizing it as a probe “over his taxes” with “specifics” “unknown.”

After touting Hunter’s insistence that he did nothing wrong, Bruce concluded: “Sources tonight tell us that this investigation began in 2018, well before Joe Biden launched his candidacy.”

Given how ABC couldn’t dare to speak ill of China due to parent company Disney’s business dealings there, one isn’t entirely surprised….

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