China’s extensive ‘honey trap’ spy network could involve thousands of ploys underway now, ex-operative says

‘There are many more of these women out there,’ retired CIA officer Daniel Hoffman says

It is the stuff of a James Bond blockbuster: a young, attractive woman lures a rising political star into a romantic web, all the while collecting critical information to trickle back to her handler or big bosses back home.

Axios revealed this week that more than six years ago Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., began a relationship with a woman suspected of being a Chinese espionage operative. He was alerted by federal investigators in 2015 and given a “defense briefing,” which resulted in him breaking off ties to the suspect.

However, Swalwell wouldn’t be the first or last political figure to be “honey-trapped” – with multiple former intelligence officials surmising that such schemes carried out by Chinese spies have long played out on U.S. soil, and remain ongoing.

“I can say with a high level of confidence that there are many more of these women out there,” Daniel Hoffman, a retired CIA Senior Clandestine Services Officer, told Fox News. “China’s MO is to flood the zone.”


While several current and former intelligence and security officials and experts interviewed by Fox News said that it was impossible to put a number on just how many honey trap scenarios might be in motion at present, one former defense and intelligence operative noted that it could be well into the hundreds – if not thousands. Such spies are assumed to be at top universities, known to speak perfect English, and routinely use social media platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook to connect with their prey.

But it is not only about enmeshing big names – it is about having an eye for talent, and starting when one’s star is about to begin rising.

Presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., speaks during a Law Day event at the Dubuque County Courthouse on Friday, May 3 in Dubuque, Iowa. (Dave Kettering/Telegraph Herald via AP)

In Swalwell’s case, he was seemingly ensnared by a woman named Christine Fang or Fang Fang, who helped raise money for his 2014 congressional re-election campaign and recruited at least one intern in his office.

However, U.S. investigators in the northern California Bay Area believe Fang was also circling close to numerous up-and-coming politicians between 2011 and 2015, engaging in sexual relationships with at least two mayors in other states. …..

A little context:This political manipulation operation is only a small part of a much larger agenda.   The last 4 presidents  (excluding Trump) (obama, w bush, clinton, ghw bush) were rockefeller operatives who were instrumental in installing china’s nightmarish fascism and paved the way for its economic ascendancy and upcoming hostile takeover of the USA.   The OPM hack was an inside job.

I abhor the USA’s policies in the 3rd world (especially latin america under ghwb)  but it was only acting as a puppet of the satanic elite like china is now.   It appears to me the USA is destined to join the 3rd world if we don’t get a handle on things.   If this is karma, it’s not my karma, nor most of the american people’s.

The Office of Personnel Management (“OPM”) data breach involves the greatest theft of sensitive personnel data in history. But, to date, neither the scope nor scale of the breach, nor its significance, nor the inadequate and even self-defeating response has been fully aired.

The scale of the OPM breach is larger and more harmful than appreciated, the response to it has worsened the data security of affected individuals, and the government has inadequately addressed the breach’s counterintelligence consequences. While we can never know for sure exactly what the government is doing in secret to address the breach and mitigate its consequences, based on what is publicly known, the millions affected by the breach have good reason to fear….

Corbett: China and the New World Order

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