Breathing fresh air without a mask represents “act of domestic terrorism,” according to California mayor

Choosing to not wear a face mask in public is no different than flying airplanes into the Twin Towers or bombing a federal building, according to Lancaster, Calif., Mayor Rex Parris.

In a statement, Parris, who was first elected as mayor of Lancaster in 2008 and reelected four times since, indicated that if it were “up to [him], anybody not wearing a mask when they are out in public would be arrested.”

“That’s an act of domestic terrorism and should be treated like one,” Parris added.

Even though the latest research shows that wearing a mask is medically useless when it comes to protecting against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), Parris is apparently convinced that people who refuse to restrict normal breathing by covering their nose and mouth with fabric or plastic is a crime worthy of being sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Parris added that he believes the lockdowns imposed across Los Angeles County back in March were fully justified, even though they led to widespread business failures, mass unemployment, financial crises for tens of thousands of Angelenos, and sharp upticks in depression and suicide.

All of this is necessary, according to Parris, to keep people from “catching” something that has a more than 99 percent survival rate, and that does not even meet basic Koch’s Postulates criteria.

It cannot be stressed enough that the mainstream media, along with deep state politicians, are completely ignoring or rejecting all science that suggests masks are not all they have been cracked up to be.

Even so, if mask cultists like Parris are to be believed, and their recommendations adhered to, then California’s own governor, Gavin Newsom, is the biggest terrorist of them all, seeing as how he attended a mask-free birthday party at a swanky Napa Valley restaurant recently….

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