Antibiotics Before Age 2 Associated With Childhood Health Issues

Summary: Researchers have identified an association between antibiotics administered to children aged two and under, and an increased risk of ongoing conditions ranging from ADHD to allergies to obesity. Children exposed to numerous courses of antibiotics as toddlers were more likely to be diagnosed with continuous conditions later in childhood. The study speculates that while antibiotics may only have a transient effect on the developing microbiome, this may have an impact on long-term illness…

Transient effect?  There is no data that I know of to support this assumption.   That’s why people resort to fecal transplants to improve conditions like autism and obesity.

… Despite controlling for several major infant and maternal confounders, we did not account for breastfeeding…

How is this possible?  Antibiotics are often prescribed for problems that BF reduces or prevents!

Un fcking believable.

American medicine is either an insult or an embarrassment, depending on whether you’re a doctor.

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