Twitter bans news outlet The National Pulse

As the uncertainty around the 2020 US presidential election result reaches its third day, Twitter has continued its pattern of mass censorship and permanently suspended conservative media outlet The National Pulse.

The account had over 78,000 followers before it was booted and The National Pulse had been using the account to share its reporting on vote-counting irregularities across the US….


A day before the suspension, The National Pulse’s Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam had noted that Twitter was restricting The National Pulse by flagging several of its stories about vote-counting irregularities and claiming that they had violated Twitter’s rules around “misleading information about voting.”

Kassam slammed Twitter’s takedown of The National Pulse:

“This is straight up totalitarianism and the intentional destruction of business for political ends.

That’s what tyranny looked like in Europe last century and it’s what tyranny looks like in America today.”…

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