Trump: Dominion Machines Deleted 2.7 Million Trump Votes Nationwide

Texas evaluation of dominion voting machines:

Reading over this gives you an idea of the blind trust placed in the manufacturers of such machines.     For instance, the various workstations and other components are linked using standard LAN hardware (and presumably standard LAN protocols) allowing the administrators to easily network the whole thing to the internet for back door access.  This problem is not limited to dominion.

Also note this:

5. USB Port Vulnerability. The ICX ballotmarking device has an indicator light on top to show poll workers when the station is in use. That light is connected by a USB port. When Brian Mechler’s phone was attached to the USB port, the ICX scanned the files on his phone and did not complain, although Dominion later showed that the event was logged. When a USB drive with files was inserted, the ICX sometimes complained and sometimes did not, apparently according to the content of the USB drive and whether it was present when the ICX was first powered up or inserted later.

Recommendation: Certification should be denied unless either (a) the indicator light is removed from the certified configuration or (b) a way is found to secure the USB connection to the light.

Standard USB ports include 4 conductors, 2 for the power and 2 for the data communication.   This port is clearly designed for data comm, not just powering the light.   Why?

The fact that such obvious problems have been allowed to fester for so long is strong evidence that such vulnerabilities are intentional and being actively exploited.

One more thing, at least some of the hardware is manufactured in China.   Unless they’re only talking about metal chassis etc then this is a MAJOR problem.   Basically the sky is the limit:

Again, this problem isn’t limited to a particular manufacturer or a particular government, foreign or domestic.   And it’s not only due to the secret proprietary software involved.  Glaring security holes have also been found in popular networkable open source programs (such as bash) which existed for years.

If we don’t have human-run elections (we used to know how to count, remember?) then election integrity does not exist.   We might as well hail the crooks as our new masters and go home.

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