The Vaccine Injury Treatment, Recovery And Resource Starter Guide

Report The Vaccine Reaction, Injury or Death
If your child suffered a vaccine-induced reaction, injury or death it is important to report that to the U.S. Health & Human Services Vaccine Adverse event Reporting System (VAERS). The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) also has a reporting feature, so I suggest going to their page first to review what they say, and then go to VAERS and make the report. Based on reviewing what others have said about this topic and the cover-up by doctors and the vaccine industry, I suspect that the number of events being currently reported pale greatly in comparison to the actual death and destruction wrought on our population by vaccination. We need many more parents reporting what happened to their children, and so I hope you also send in a report. You can also file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to see if you can be compensated for the vaccine injury or death. Nearly 4 billion dollars has been paid out thus far.

On an almost DAILY BASIS I receive messages from concerned parents from all over the world as to how best to repair the damage done to their children by vaccination. That damage can be mild to severe, and include but is not limited to asthma, eczema, seizures, cognitive decline, high fever, lazy eye, regression, ear infections, autoimmune conditions, sleeplessness or trouble sleeping, gut & digestion problems, nonstop high-pitched screaming (because of brain swelling), head banging, the cessation of talking or walking, autism, and the list just goes on and on and on. Of course, then there is death as well, in which case the parent should seek to get an independent autopsy performed ASAP since medical examiners do not recognize vaccination as a cause of death and therefore the death is invariably ruled “SIDS.”

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of what to do or who to see, but rather, some guidelines and a starting point on the quest to recover and repair a vaccine injured child. Vaccine injured children often have multiple medical problems happening at once and it is important to understand that these are MEDICAL issues and that with the PROPER treatment, there is hope for repair and recovery. But, there are a huge number of factors involved in whether or not full recovery is possible with one of the most important ones being this: the earlier you begin after the vaccine injury the better the opportunity for a partial or full recovery. That said, even if it is years or even decades later, it is still worth going this route to try and repair the damage – it is likely that at least there will be some improvement.

Symptom Management or Treat The Root Cause?
Our conventional medical system is beyond broken – it is a cesspool of pharmaceutical industry interference whereby symptoms are treated with synthetic drugs purely for profit so that true wellness is never achieved. Conventional doctors are trained in this “disease management” process and few have the know-how or even awareness as to how to undo vaccine damage – and that’s assuming they even acknowledge it. So, whom you actually want to work with is someone trained in natural medicine – the philosophy of treating the underlying root causes so that the body will fully heal, thereby resolving outward symptoms. This type of medical professional goes by many names and has varied training depending on schooling: Functional Medical Doctor OR Integrative Medical Doctor (MD), Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Acupuncturist (LAc) OR Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Chiropractor (DC), and Homeopath. Note that a naturopath and naturopathic doctor are not the same – the latter is licensed to practice medicine and the former is not. Do not go to a conventional doctor or pediatrician expecting any positive outcomes – they simply do not know what to do and will probably only make things worse.

Biomedical Treatment For Autism
What you want is biomedical treatment – often called biomedical treatment for autism. Replace the word “autism” with “vaccine injury” and it all will make sense. For the most part, autism is extreme vaccine injury (yes, I know that there are exceptions). Biomedical treatment is the process of treating underlying causes and effects of vaccine injury. You want this type of treatment. Biomedical treatment may include chelation therapy to remove heavy metals, B12 and glutathione injections to help repair detoxification pathways, mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment to accelerate cell repair, supplements and dietary change to repair the gut and improve nutrition intake, omega fatty acids to repair the nervous system and cell walls, and so, so much more. This kind of medical intervention is intense but it is also treating the root causes of dysfunction and therefore helping the body to heal. Give the body what it needs and it has huge capacity to heal – this is what you want.

The following is a step-by-step prioritized guide to help your vaccine-injured child heal. I begin with diet change because it is something you can begin right away and it will often produce immediate results and virtually all vaccine injury specialists agree with this dietary approach. Then I move into education because I think you need to be aware of the many medical modalities used to treat vaccine injury. Then I go into the type of doctor to look for, some specific interventions that I think will be helpful and finally I conclude with additional resources….

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