Pay people to get COVID-19 jab to ensure widespread coverage, says leading “ethicist”

Governments should consider incentivising people to get a COVID-19 jab, when the vaccine becomes available, to achieve the required level of herd immunity — which could be up to 80%+ of the population — and stamp out the infection, argues a leading ethicist in an opinion piece accepted for publication in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

The incentive could be either financial or ‘payment in kind’, such as being allowed to forego the need to wear a facemask in public, he suggests.

Given the rising global death toll and the far reaching health and economic consequences of the pandemic, there have been calls, including in the UK, to mandate COVID-19 vaccination, if and when a jab is approved, points out the author, Professor Julian Savulescu, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford.

In general, vaccination should be voluntary, he says. But there is a strong case for making any vaccination mandatory (or compulsory) if four conditions are met: a grave threat to public health; the vaccine is safe and effective; the pros outweigh the cons of any suitable alternative; and the level of coercion is proportionate. ….

What does it take to become a practical ethicist?   It’s very practical to abandon the hippocratic oath and pander to the interests of the state.   That’s why we have very specialized and well paid positions for professional “ethicists” in the medical hierarchy: regular folks can’t distinguish right from wrong.   That takes a consummate sociopath, which medical schools churn out like halloween candy.   You know, the kind with razor blades inside.

The problem is that doctors need to get paid by someone, and people are unlikely to hire them once they realize they aren’t really working for their interests.   That’s why they need national health care.

Instead of paying the victim directly, why not pay for insurance policies for vaccine injury?   Oh that’s right, it would be cost prohibitive given the deluge of  claims which would result.   That’s why they had to “immunize” pharmaceutical companies from vaccine injury lawsuits in the mid-80’s.    These new covid potions are likely to be even more dangerous than the conventional random  crap  that they inject into children’s bodies while depriving them of sunlight (vitamin D) and good nutrition.

Eugenics has many faces but they’re all concealed behind a happy-face mask.   What did you expect?

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