Nazis Prepare World for “Friendly” Fascism

The hard cold implication of this fantasy is massive depopulation and the military infrastructure needed to enforce it.   This is dictated by the reduction in industrial and food production resulting from carbon taxation alone, not to mention the huge reduction in economic efficiency from centralized control and deliberately atomized production and consumption patterns that perpetuate the rule of the middlemen.   Kinda undermines their claims of being concerned about carbon emissions.  The gee-wiz factor is only there as bait.   Of course the AGW and covid hoaxes are proving instrumental to their ends.

Naturally they’ll need massive sterilization campaigns via vaccines initially.   The guns will come as needed as public trust evaporates.

Reiterating: The nazis never lost WWII, they moved their operations back home to the financial centers of wall street and “the city of london”.      None of the orchestrators even went to jail.   But it was a learning experience for them: this time they actually stand a chance of taking over the world.


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