Horseshoe Crabs Endangered by Medical Mafia

Getting that “free” flu shot doesn’t just endanger your health. Most of the costs of human gullibility are borne by other creatures struggling for survival against the satanic system.  But in principle there is no difference between the various food streams that feed the machine, which is why humans are also slated for extinction after they finish training the robots which will take their places.

The horseshoe crab is thought to be 300 million years old; that’s 200 million years older than dinosaurs. They don’t sting, don’t bite and don’t harm us in any way. The annual spring congregation of egg-laden horseshoe crabs on the east coast provides a vital food source for annual migrations of millions of shorebirds.

But even this harmless sea creature may be annihilated by pharma’s insatiable drive to make a universal coronavirus vaccine. In 1990, biologists estimated 1.24 million crabs spawned in Delaware Bay, a main egg-laying nursery grounds and prime collection point for the companies. By 2019, that number had dropped to 335,211. Conservation groups feel that the planned harvest by vaccine manufacturers may lead to the species’ extinction.

Horseshoe crabs are known for their unique blue blood. But it’s not the blood’s color that is the attraction. A unique chemical found in its blood, called coagulogen, is used by the drug companies to detect as little as a few parts per billion of dangerous endotoxin bacterial contamination in any medication, medical devise or vaccine. According to  Associates of Cape Cod, Inc, one of a handful of horseshoe crab blood processors, that’s like “finding a grain of sand in an Olympic swimming pool.”

First licensed in the 1970’s, coagulogen has become the gold standard of pharmaceutical purity testing. This simple test, referred to as a limulus amebocyte lysate test, or LAL  for short, is named after the white blood cells (amebocytes) from which the chemical is harvested. The extract is so powerful that if even a trace of endotoxin is present, coagulogen will neutralize it into a gel. If no gel is formed, the product is considered to be free of bacteria. The FDA mandates that all injectable or indwelling materials to be certified as endotoxin-free using the LAL test before a product can be manufactured and sold into the market….

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