Fake Media Coverage of Biden’s Hawkish Cabinet Picks is Predictably Lacking

Despite President Trump’s insistence that he, in fact, won the election, President-elect Joe Biden is already filling many of the top positions in his administration, and corporate media — who Americans rely on to stand up to state power — are in raptures over his choices.

CNN, for example, has been remarkably deferential to the future president and his picks, claiming that “it’s clear that Biden is choosing people who are, indisputably, experts in their fields,” lauding the appointment of a number of women and people of color into positions of power. CNBC judged approvingly that Biden’s team is full of “experienced institutionalists” and “pragmatic realists” (a media codeword generally meaning pro-corporate individuals).

MSNBC also hailed the “radical normalcy” of the new administration, highlighting its diversity of gender and race, concluding that, “Biden’s new list is a reminder of how the executive branch is supposed to work in a functioning administration that values competence.” But while there may be diversity of background, there is little diversity of thought, with all candidates coming from an elite background and agreeing on the economy, war, and foreign policy.


The media is this country’s biggest problem.   It’s been our biggest problem since they helped cover up the JFK assassination, and before.   It is the constant stream of sewage that saturates america’s genocidal empire culture.

But Trump is a racist see, because he wants to have a functioning non-child-trafficking immigration system that doesn’t destroy domestic jobs.   In contrast, the media isn’t racist.   It’s all inclusive of satanic warmongering psychopaths of every color.

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