Ex-Trump aide John Kelly pleads for start of Biden transition

President Trump’s former chief of staff is joining the chorus of Washington insiders demanding the start of a Biden administration transition — ever so gently.

“I know Mr. Trump better than most people do,” retired four-star Marine Corps general John Kelly told Politico. “I know that he’ll never accept defeat and, in fact, he doesn’t have to accept defeat here. He just has to do what’s best for the country and in the country’s interest.”

The federal General Services Administration has not yet green-lit a start to presumptive president-elect Joe Biden’s White House transition — prompting threats of a lawsuit and protests from some congressional Republicans….


Obviously Trump shouldn’t give Biden access to confidential files on Trump’s election investigation when he hasn’t even been certified as the winner.

Trump has long been surrounded by the bureaucracy which has led this country from one war and catastrophe to another.   The gloves are off, finally.

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