Covid: NY Reports Most New Cases Since April


  • NY reports most new cases since April
  • US suffers most new deaths in months
  • Global deaths see new daily record
  • Cases near 60 million
  • US mulling abandoning travel restrictions on Europe, Brazil etc
  • College students scramble to get home for the holiday
  • Merkel proposes tighter restrictions
  • Iran sees back-to-back record cases
  • Russia sees another day of record deaths
  • South Korea confirms nearly 400 new cases
  • Australia’s most populous state to ease restrictions

Update (1200ET): As we head into the afternoon, New York Gov Andrew Cuomo has just confirmed the most new daily cases in the Empire State since April.

Remember, anybody trying to enter or leave NYC today and tomorrow will face traffic checkpoints.

As global confirmed COVID cases teeter on the brink of 60 million, millions of Americans are rushing home via planes, trains and automobiles to try and spend the holiday with family (even if this year, the number of seats at the table is much smaller than usual). Just in time for the holiday, the 7-day average of new cases remains at record highs, while hospitalizations have hit a new record, and daily deaths topped 2k yesterday, the largest tally since the spring.

Globally, the number of deaths record yesterday topped 12.75k in just 24 hours, a new record high, as deaths finally start to catch up to increases in case numbers and hospitalizations.

In terms of news, Reuters reported that the US government is considering removing bans on entry into the US for non-citizens who recently visited Brazil, the UK and the EU. While lifting these restrictions could lead to a resurgence in tourism, it’s more likely that it won’t have much of a near-term impact, as most airlines have cut international flights to the bone. Other bans, including on travelers from China and Iran, will remain in place. …

If you think you can take these statistics at face value you’re dreaming.   The future ownership of the planet is literally in the balance.    Even the raw data isn’t reliable given the ease of falsifying such data under conflicted bureaucracies (see US election scandal), but at any rate the “daily cases” data is biased by 90% false positives and needs to be weighted by “daily tests”.     The hospitalization and death rates are known to be biased by hospitals lumping dissimilar conditions into the covid category under financial incentives and bogus death certificate guidance from the CDC.    This is a political operation, not a scientific one.

If you doubt that such corruption could be so pervasive, note the abundance of evidence for it in TV news literally parroting the same lines on different networks, the coverups of the vitamin D and genital mutilation scandals, the exporting of US jobs and industrial infrastructure, the destruction of children’s health under the vaccination regime, the wall-to-wall lying about the election etc.    It’s as if we’re living in the Truman show where everyone is Truman without realizing it, simply by trusting their authorities and following their career incentives.    Conscious participants are bribed, blackmailed or brainwashed.   This is the crazy reality we find ourselves in.

A conspiracy theory?   What do you think organized crime is, or corporations for that matter?   Legally sanctioned conspiracies of varying toxicity.

This is an undeclared war, a tactic long used by the bankster empire to bring countries to their knees without overt military involvement.

Cuomo and most of the eastern establishment have already placed their bets and thrown their lot with the NWO.   It’s a big club and you’re not in it.

If you insist on trusting authoritative hearsay, why not make coin tosses your new authority figure?   Your odds would be better.

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