Censorship: US Department of Justice (DOJ) Closes Down Canada’s Independent Media Site AHT

Global Research Editor’s Note

We stand in firm support of The American Herald Tribune andProfessor Anthony Hall, who has the courage to confront the US corporate media. 

The tendency is towards online media censorship in derogation of the Rights to Free Speech. Google and Facebook are collaborating with the FBI in this endeavor. 

Here is the statement from the US Department of Justice.

Below is Professor Hall’s statement. 
Our writers are from all over the world expressing themselves freely on a variety of issues as they see fit.

I have been Editor in Chief of AHT since its inception. AHT draws contributions from journalists of many backgrounds throughout the world.

We do have some contributors from Iran who express themselves as they wish. I have attended New Horizon conferences in Iran and most recently in Beirut a year ago. In this milieu I met many well-known journalists from throughout Europe and North America some of whom have contributed to AHT.

Editorially AHT is pro-peace and the contributors are overwhelmingly opposed to the intrigues of the anti-Iranian war hawks intent on invading the Islamic Republic….


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