Biden Transition Team Says First Amendment is Flawed Because It Permits “Hate Speech”

It doesn’t seem to dawn on people that censorship is a form of psychological violence and a prelude to physical violence, which is supposedly what preventing “hate speech” is all about.  Yet another satanic reversal.

Language is rendered meaningless, which itself is a form of censorship at an intimate level.   If words have no meaning then people have no ability to pool knowledge, share concerns and politically organize.    These people are telling you that they hate you.   You should take their word for it.

I told you this would happen. No one is to be allowed to speak against the official explanations 

Biden’s transition team defines truth as hate speech. Truth is what the Democrat left, military/security complex, and presstitutes don’t want spoken or written.  

“All speech is not equal,” declared Biden transition leader Richard Stengal, a former presstitute for MSNBC.

“Truth” is reserved for what serves the anti-white leftwing of the Democrat Party, the allied military/security complex and global elite. This means that no Trump supporter  speaks the truth and his/her hate speech must be silenced. Keith Olbermann’s demand for the arrest of President Trump and Tucker Carlson of Fox News is the beginning.

The vote theft is the opening gun of a civil war in which white Americans will have to fight or be relegated to third class citizens. The 14th amendment is also dead. Trump Deplorables are no longer equal under the law.  They are denied free speech, but all others have free speech to denounce white America more harshly than Nazis are reported to have denounced Jews. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have begun the Kristallnachts. Those who tell the truth are losing the protection of the US Constitution.  Only liars are protected.

The obviously stolen election is a coup against democracy and America. If the American legal system fails to stand up to a stolen election, unless white Americans submit to third class status, violence is our future.

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