Biden Expected To Reverse Trump’s Germany Troop Draw-Down

It’s expected that US President-elect Joe Biden will likely reverse course on the Trump administration’s American troop draw down from Germany, or at least partially.

Over the summer the Pentagon began initiating a White House plan to move 12,000 soldiers out of Germany on a permanent basis, with some actually being sent to Poland and other NATO countries, after the Trump administration slammed Berlin for not shouldering its fair share of NATO defense spending. As Defense Post writes, some officials currently favored to be tapped to lead the Pentagon under a new Biden administration have already signaled the Germany draw down would be among the first policies to fall under scrutiny:…

It’s not too late for the disaster capitalists who funded biden to get in on the ground floor of war with Russia!    After they clean up the resistance to the NWO/China takeover inside the USA itself.   It’s all to protect us, you see.

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