Babies breastfed for longer gain emotional benefits

Children who are breastfed for three months or more develop fewer behavioural difficulties than those who are not, research suggests.

They are less prone to social and emotional setbacks such as bouts of anxiety, struggles forming friendships, or problems with concentration, the study found.

This was the case even allowing for other influencing factors such as maternal education, maternal psychological distress and family socio-economic status.

Behavioural development

Babies being breastfed for less than three months has been linked to a range of behavioural difficulties but previous studies—mostly focused on early childhood—have been inconclusive.

This new research—the first to track behaviour into adolescence—offers fresh evidence that breastfeeding is linked to later behavioural . …

“The  of breastfeeding on children’s physical development is well known but, the effect on their social and  is less understood. Having identified that there are potential behavioural benefits, our study strengthens the case for  that promote breastfeeding, where possible,” says Lydia Speyer, lead author, from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.

Normal people see this kind of research and think it’s a no-brainer.   Why does it need proving that BF should continue as long as both parties want it to continue?  Why is the medical establishment constantly trying to reinvent the wheel when the human Ferrari is already miles up the road?

Because it will be forgotten as soon as it’s convenient to forget, because the medical establishment is largely controlled by disaster capitalists, the most wealthy demographic of all.   And you can see the profit opportunities which would be lost to them if the disease, misery and poverty caused by decades of socially isolating and feeding toxic junk food to babies ( ) gives way to empowered, happy, healthy, fully mammalian human beings.   Healthy people also tend to reproduce, and tend to be difficult to control as well.

It is clearly not in the interests of the puppeteers of our medical industry to allow people to become fully human.   And so no meaningful legislative or regulatory efforts will be made on behalf of babies, while medical “syence” continues to go through the motions of looking busy in order to keep up appearances (and funding) and nothing actually changes for the children.   This is how it’s been for decades (they only started putting FATTY ACIDS into “formula” about 12 years ago) and I expect it will continue to be so.

Naturally, the same applies to the vaccination industrial complex.   They know exactly what they’re doing.

Another conveniently forgotten lesson:

Medical Research Rediscovers Harm of Immediate Cord Clamping

and a lesson well learned which will not be forgotten:

Reality: Neurologically, MGM is the same as FGM

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