Alex Jones Show 11/05/20

Alex keeps saying “communist china is waging war on the USA”.   I realize he has to play to the newcomers but there are two errors in the statement:

1. China is not “communist” for god’s sake. Can it be more obvious that they are rabid bloodthirsty fascists like the western satanists who installed them?   I realize there’s not much difference but their use of the term is a tissue-thin psyop to camouflage their decadent fascist aristocracy from their own people.   No point in reinforcing the illusion.

2. China is only a puppet of the global satanic mafia, the invisible empire which has long puppeted the US and has now led us to the precipice.   It is largely still based in europe and the USA itself, although they do have branch offices in China.   China isn’t acting alone.

If things continue down this road the USA will join China in abject slavery but with a much lower standard of living. There will be no US middle class at all. And of course the satanic medical mafia will continue wrecking the lives of american children via circumcision, obstetrical abuse, toxic vaccines and predatory psychiatry.   And then there’s the so-called “educational” system.    Not to mention toxic food and water.    “Daddy, where were you when the satanic assholes wrecked my life?”

There’s no doubt this is war, but it’s important to recognize who the enemy is and how entwined it is with the economy.   It probably has branch offices in your neighborhood, with american flags flying outside.     The enemy is within the gates and it’s already revealed its true nature by staging school massacres and running death squads and torture tutors around the world for decades.   And it’s not Trump, btw.   Its most obvious appendage is the MSM which has been defaming him from the beginning.

This is already nazi germany.  Just ask a Guatemalan peasant.  The only reason there aren’t troops in the streets is that they’re not needed because the people are still asleep.   Apparently they’ll need to be starving in the streets before they start asking questions.

This is what runs the world.   No kidding.   All it takes is lots of child abuse, money, time and corruption.

Eyes Wide Shut. from barbara cabral on Vimeo.

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