Veteran NYPD Exposes Plans for US Military Invasion

If you think this is paranoid fantasy, you have no idea what kind of monsters you’re sharing the planet with.    It’s happened many times before, and this country is low-hanging fruit which obviously was abandoned by the transnational aristocracy years ago.   That’s why our factories were offshored.   That’s why they tore up railroads to make “hiking trails”.   That’s why medicine has been wrecking our families and children in every conceivable way.   That’s why the public schools are unfit for a free society.  It’s why the economy is being deliberately wrecked under the scamdemic.  Do you seriously believe this is about public health??  Betrayal is the name of the game.    Stop cooperating in the destruction of your country.  In their plans, there is no future for the USA or most of its people.

This is only the most recent military/police whistleblower that I’ve heard interviewed on this show.  They’ve been coming forward for at least 20 years.  You better hope Trump wins, for your own sake.   Note he’s shutting down the wars.   He knows the troops will be needed at home.

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