Ukraine: The forgotten story

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Biden’s Burisma graft and kickback scandal is NOTHING compared to what his administration had already done to Ukraine earlier and why they were forced to come begging to washington in order to survive as a partly functioning society.

The Obama administration carried out a “color revolution” coup in Ukraine which decimated its physical and political infrastructure and installed an overtly nazi and racist government which waged war on the russian speaking part of the population, (Donbass and Crimea mainly) a part of the ongoing Russia encirclement / WWIII project.

This is the forgotten story of the democrat’s presidential nominee: he’s a master war criminal (among many other crimes), and the Burisma scandal was only mopping  up after a successful mass slaughter.

Obama’s Ethnic Cleansing Operation in Ukraine

Obama’s Fascist Coup in Ukraine: Maidan Snipers Commanded by US Soldier

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