Twitter hides all search results for the “Obamagate” hashtag

Twitter is hiding hashtag search results related to “Obamagate” – a common reference to the FBI’s secret surveillance of the Trump campaign under the Obama administration in 2016.

The Obamagate story has topped the news cycle several times over the last few years. It was pushed to the forefront again this week after President Trump ordered the declassification of all documents pertaining to the Russia collusion allegations that triggered the FBI investigation into his campaign. Vice President Mike Pence also brought up the topic of the FBI spying on the Trump campaign during Wednesday’s vice presidential debate.

Data from Twitter hashtags analysis website estimates that the #obamagate hashtag is being used thousands of times per hour.

Yet despite the newsworthiness of the story and active use of the related hashtag, The Gateway Pundit discovered that Twitter is hiding the search results for the hashtag “#obamagate.”

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