Message to Trump: Get Real, Skip the “Debate”, Go On Joe Rogan

A laid back conversation sounds far more interesting than these managed “debates.”    Rogan isn’t afraid to challenge his guests.  Trump doesn’t have to play the establishment’s game.

President Trump needs to appear on The Joe Rogan Experience instead of a presidential debate that’s rigged against him.

Debates are a thing of the past for conventional presidents, but Trump wasn’t elected for being conventional.

The president also has something to gain by focusing less on Biden and more on American voters – and more people are going to tune into a Trump/Rogan podcast than they are to a presidential debate.

Case in point, Rogan’s podcast with Elon Musk had over 37 million views. The podcast with Alex Jones had over 23 million.

In comparison, the first Trump/Biden debate amassed around 34 million total viewers, according to Nielsen, and Trump can pull in a bigger audience than that on the Rogan podcast if Musk can.

Frankly speaking, Trump’s voter base isn’t just limited to baby boomers who watch Sean Hannity, although they’re a sizable segment that can’t be ignored.

Nothing against Hannity, but as mentioned, Trump is not a conventional president. He didn’t win by conventional means.

And, of course, baby boomers will tune into a Trump/Rogan podcast as will every other age demographic because it’s sensational….

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