Lord Gates calls on religious leaders to manipulate their parishioners into getting vaccinated for coronavirus

Because less than half of the American population is planning to get vaccinated for the COVID-19, even with a $100 cash incentive, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is desperately calling on pro-vaxxers in power to come up with new ways to manipulate people into getting jabbed, including at church.

Having already had success in Nigeria using religious leaders to deceive their trusting parishioners into getting jabbed, Gates wants to bring the same propaganda campaigns here to the United States. Pastors, priests and reverends could be used to proclaim from the pulpit that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, leading to greater vaccine compliance.

During a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal‘s CEO Council, Gates threatened that “rich countries” like the U.S. could return mostly back to normal by the end of 2021 if only people would agree to get vaccinated. To make it happen, Gates is hoping that pro-vaxxers can successfully invade people’s “trust networks” and convince them that COVID-19 vaccines are the cure for his plandemic.

“Vaccine hesitancy is in all countries and predates the pandemic,” Gates whined during the segment, all the while pushing health officials to start actively “thinking about which voices will help reduce the hesitancy so we can get a level of vaccination that really has a chance of stopping” the plandemic. …


He’ll probably need to start funneling money to churches to make them go along.   But money can buy beliefs too, so no problem in the long run.   Manipulating religious, political and economic belief systems is standard practice for the equal-opportunity luciferian aristocracy.


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