Hunter Biden Documents Mysteriously Vanish From Overnight Envelope, Tucker Carlson Says

A collection of confidential documents related to the Biden family mysteriously vanished from an envelope sent to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the host said on Wednesday night.

Carlson’s team allegedly received the documents from a source on Monday. At the time, Carlson was on the West Coast filming an interview with Tony Bobulinski, the former business partner of Hunter Biden and James Biden. Carlson requested the documents to be sent to the West Coast.

According to Carlson, the producer shipped the documents overnight to California using a large national package carrier. He didn’t name the company, saying only that it’s a “brand name company.”

“The Biden documents never arrived in Los Angeles. Tuesday morning we received word from our shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing,” Carlson said. “The documents had disappeared.”

Holy cow, what did they expect?   These people are amateurs.

They should hire a security consultant.    Stop speaking plainly on the phone, and don’t use 3rd party couriers.   Surely they could have spared someone to take it to Tucker, after the necessary life insurance policies are taken out.    Seriously, airline crashes of convenience involving dozens of innocent bystanders are not at all uncommon in recent history.    Or why not make copies and send those?

Considering the money, secret  agreements and blackmail techniques at the disposal of this monstrosity, its size and scope should not be surprising.


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