With No Enthusiasm, Tiny Events and a Horrible Candidate, Democrats Appear to be Going for the Steal

Like in 2016, the current polls in the 2020 election are completely unreliable and bogus.  They tried this before, they’ll try it again.

Democrats are again using their bogus polls to manipulate and discourage their opponents in the upcoming election.  Many believe that the only way Democrats can win is to steal the election and they soften up the electorate by using fake polls showing their candidates way ahead so when the steal occurs, it’s not so noticeable.

Rasmussen Reports quoted Sundance from the Conservative Tree House in a series of tweets a few hours ago:

Rasmussen continued to quote Sundance that the difference between Pravda [the Soviet News Agency] and the U.S. Media is that the former citizens of Soviet Russia knew they were being lied to:

This past week national polls from the upcoming election after the conventions were hidden completely because the results clearly favored President Trump:

There is no way Joe Biden is leading President Trump.  Don’t believe it for a second. The polls attempt to depress the Trump vote, but we know what happened in 2016.
Any poll at this stage that shows Biden ahead is probably incorrect, based on visual evidence, which we had in 2016 as well, and the obvious desperate actions of the Biden campaign.  They got him out of the basement way ahead of Labor Day, seeing their own polls.
The only way the Democrats can win at this stage is through the steal. The media are working overtime to lie for Biden.


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