Police Arrest Multiple Suspects In Connection With West Coast Wildfires – The Police Tribune

Someone on Twitter wrote on behalf of Antifa, that they set the fires to point out the problem of global warming, the destruction and riots in the cities. If that’s their reasoning, I’d suggest they take a class in logical fallacies… but I doubt there are many such classes available these days.

Law enforcement agencies across the West Coast have arrested multiple alleged arsonists accused of intentionally setting fires while hundreds of blazes wreak havoc in several states.

At least seven people have died, hundreds of homes have been destroyed, and countless communities have been evacuated, CNN reported…

Some West Coast arson arrests are listed below… (please copy and paste the URL into your browser to see more about any of these cases that interest you. I looked at some of them but do not wish to see them all, so I’m not sure if all the links work.) I figure that for the most part, these are people who need money badly and who were paid to do the dirty work. That is why joblessness is a social problem. Gainfully employed people cannot be paid to override their inner conscience; some desperate people can be.

  • Jedidiah Fulton, 39, https://archive.is/GWLYq
  • Alberto Vincent Acosta, https://archive.is/cFPbd
  • Kevin Carle, 37, https://archive.is/xHiFO
  • Ivan Geronimo Gomez, 30, https://archive.is/mhKtG
  • Guadalupe Molina-Pacheco https://archive.is/US23e
  • Julian Draper https://archive.is/JyfJe
  • Demarco Covey, 24, https://archive.is/owMeD
  • Wesley James Bergman, 37, https://archive.is/rl2cm
  • Elias Pendergrass, 44, https://archive.is/wJ1XR
  • Unknown https://archive.is/mOAqq
  • Anita Esquivel, 37, https://archive.is/nMZFo
  • Vanya Hummel, 24, https://archive.is/DgwbY
  • Unknown https://archive.is/wZqgM
  • John Davies, 55, https://archive.is/VDg3M
  • Unknown https://archive.is/twWHf
  • Unknown https://archive.is/jjLfn
  • Christine Comello, 36, https://archive.is/4mLJT
  • https://archive.is/XxPPE
  • https://archive.is/Vvnoz
  • Alexander Bradford Smith, 26, http://jailviewer.co.douglas.or.us/Home/BookingSearchDetail?BookingNumber=B20002631
  • Unknown https://archive.is/0pex9
  • https://archive.is/8Jli1
  • Unknown https://archive.is/JkLAw
  • Jesse Peterson, 30, https://archive.is/gQg3e
  • Jeffrey Accord, 36, https://archive.is/j3yuB
  • https://archive.is/UszGL
  • https://archive.is/nJ9OU
  • https://www.bitchute.com/video/iCiNEzxzOaqd/
  • 2014 Ferguson Arrest; https://archive.is/IgEUL
  • Info roundup; https://archive.is/JxZ4P
  • Unknown https://archive.is/oTl3d
  • Unknown https://archive.is/knQbj
  • Unknown https://archive.is/AEQgp
  • Milton Loice Moran, 48, https://archive.is/PiJpR
  • Anthony Travis Bodda, 21,  https://archive.is/eQ8HB
  • Alexander Jones, 36
  • Unknown https://archive.is/eAHK7
  • Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41,  https://archive.is/DGEGz
  • https://archive.is/Vr0Tj
  • https://archive.is/mqJnI
  • Jonathan Maas, 44, https://archive.is/Hw9JK

Much more at https://bluelivesmatter.blue/police-arrest-multiple-suspects-in-connection-with-west-coast-wildfires/

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