Open Borders and the Cannibalism & Adrenochrome Subsidy

If you think you might not want to read this then don’t.   It was hard for me to write, but someone needs to.

I won’t try to convince the reader how depraved our aristocrats are, if you’re not onboard you will be soon enough.    The point of this article is that progress is being made in dismantling the larger industrial-scale factories associated with the “business” of trafficking humans, human body parts and the human extracts utilized by ultra-wealthy satanic families and corporations globally.

This industry has been strongly facilitated by never ending wars and unchecked immigration, where poor people, usually children, flee  or are kidnapped from their social networks and disappear into “the promised land”, one way or another.   With no effort to identify their origin, destination, relationship with companions or their willingness to travel with them, and without even counting their numbers, you can see how the “liberal’s” open border efforts are a huge gift to the industry which consumes them.   Combined with the corporate and WB/IMF predation which also helps create this flood of refugees, it’s not hard to see that for many people in this world, the apocalypse isn’t something coming in the future, it’s been going on for some time now.

Anyway, a little birdie told me that one of the biggest “processing” facilities in this industry is located somewhere in georgia, probably due to proximity to the atlanta airport, which is a global transportation hub.   African people are highly sought by the satanists for some reason and atlanta would be a prime transport point for them.    The hunt is on for it but so far without success.

This is where an army of internet sleuths could be useful.   There are probably several types of human products available, including standard medical transplant organs and so on.   But other industrial outputs would be more commodified and sold in bulk.  Such a facility would have a fairly unique set of inputs and outputs in accordance with the particular product involved.   There would be a holding and feeding area for pending sales, with appropriate food and sewage requirements.   The organ harvesting stream would need to be sterile and the organs need refrigeration, but the torture chambers used to generate and extract our overlords’ beverage of choice and adrenalised meat would only need standard slaughterhouse conditions and refrigeration.   And then there’s the residual waste (bones etc).

At the most obvious level, such a plant would need extensive air conditioning, probably of the kind typically found at a slaughterhouse, capable of inducing rapid freezing of large amounts of flesh.   But certain byproducts which an ordinary slaughterhouse would sell elsewhere would probably be incinerated or perhaps dissolved in a way which destroys all traces of DNA etc, to cover their tracks.   The “biosolids” fertilizer industry comes to mind.

The logistical requirements to make all this work does narrow down the suspect profile to some degree.   Easy transport from the atlanta airport.   A secluded area with heavy security.  Lots of refrigerated trucking.   Large electrical demand.   One or more large (probably rooftop) air conditioner units.   Some kind of venting for the incinerator which need not be a tall smokestack given the reduced emissions from modern incinerators.   Large infra-red (heat) emissions.    A way to dispose of whatever isn’t vaporized:  i.e. whatever compounds are in crematoria ash.   Satellite images (visible and IR) would be useful.

The personnel who have some residual amount of humanity would have drug and drinking problems.   There would probably be hangouts in the vicinity where they drink themselves into a stupor.   Or perhaps they aren’t allowed off the property without a pass, in which case they would need housing.   They themselves might be  refugees from some distant hellhole.

One last thing: a mass liquidation may soon be underway to prepare for the inevitable raids.   Time is of the essence.

Don’t be afraid of them.   They are grotesquely deformed slaves, automatons acting out imprinted nightmares.   Be afraid of what they’ll do if their masters have their way.    Be afraid of how you’ll feel if they win and you didn’t even try when you could have won.   What do you do with a rabid dog?   Lay down and show your belly and hope for the best?

Following are a couple ludicrous attempts by the ludicrous “free press” (which isn’t nearly as expensive to the aristocracy as you might think) to cover for the lifestyles of the ultra-rich but not so famous:

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Why are people fleeing latin america?   Climate change.  Why should we pay carbon taxes to the masters of war?   Climate change.  Why do we need global governance?   Climate change.  Why is it that “all we own, we owe”?   Climate change.     Why do many well credentialed scientists doubt human caused climate change?  Climate change.   Why does the CIA run death squads in latin america and africa?   It’s because of the climate deniers.   You don’t want to be a climate denier do you?

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