The fact that he did this publicly instead of privately is very important.    The momentum has been totally reversed.   The luciferian child trafficking traitors and their media puppets must be sweating.   They haven’t run out of ammo though, they’re still using the scamdemic to trash the last prop to the dollar (its near universal acceptance) by bringing the global economy to a halt, something they’ve been planning for years.  It’s called disaster capitalism.   De-muzzle yourself for your own sake.   This is a fake pandemic requiring nothing more than good nutrition and about 15 times the FDA’s fraudulent RDA for vitamin D, which especially harms black people.   In cases where infection spirals out of control, known, cheap and effective cures such as HCQ + zinc + azithromycin are available, except in some democrat-run plantations.

Just to point out to recovering refugees from the propaganda matrix: the reason the establishment hates Trump with such a passion has nothing to do with election integrity or racism or xenophobia or human rights (as if the lying MSM has any credibility whatsoever on any of these issues).   Their problem is that he’s a nationalist, and most other major political figures and media puppets have been bribed, blackmailed or threatened into cooperating with the bankster’s longstanding nazi  NWO global governance project, which is predicated on imposing planetary national destruction and depopulation via a global shock doctrine.   They are worse than traitors, they are child raping, torturing and murdering satanists, malthusian eugenicists and disaster capitalists, the result of centuries of social and genetic inbreeding at the top of the western financial aristocracy.    The real power behind the throne.  This satanic mafia is bonded together by pedophilia-linked blackmail, and he is apparently trying to dismantle it.   See

Trump is a saint compared to these monsters.   See Jennifer Guskin’s discussion of Trump near the bottom of .

If he succeeds, he will be a great american hero.   If not, he’ll still be a hero, but he and his family will surely be killed, and the establishment will continue its global terror campaign behind a liberal mask.  No kidding.   And I used to call myself a progressive activist.   Now I call myself a refugee from satanic child abuse, as most americans are whether they realize it or not.   (hint: the brainwashing starts in the obstetrical wards)

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