Mainstream media: Any criticism of Kamala Harris is “racism and sexism”

The fake news brigade is absolutely gushing over the appointment of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s official running mate, highlighting all of her female-ness and ethnic-ness every chance it gets in order to set the stage for Kamala to become the left’s latest untouchable.

Just like it did with Barack Obama, the mainstream media is taking every opportunity to point out that Kamala has slightly darker skin than many Americans, which automatically makes her an “ethnic minority” who cannot be criticized under any circumstances. And because she is also a woman, Kamala is even more so beyond reproach than even Obama.

Even though women no longer even exist, according to the trans-embracing left, an apparent exception is being made for Kamala, who Susan Rice is predicting will now be a victim of “racism and sexism” every time someone criticizes her…..

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