How to end blind faith in medicine once and for all

But it requires facing what happened to you and your loved ones  before you could defend yourself, or even before you can remember.   Can you do it?   Are you willing to do it to expose this satanic medical monster for what it is and save future generations?

This is the ticket out of this nightmare.   Mass exposure would severely test and probably overthrow the legal principle of medical impunity, if people see how it and they have been abused.    But if you’re like most people to date, you’ll avoid it and continue cooperating with the march to slavery, which is why we are where we are today.

If this gets the exposure it deserves, there will be no more AMA, no more AAP, no more ACOG.   And certainly no more forced vaccines.

Have they neutered and enslaved your mind as rockefeller intended or not?    Your choice of whether to be a slave was never in their hands.   It’s entirely up to you.

The kids have been wondering where the adults went for a long time, before they became used to the idea that they’re on their own, as you did when you were a kid.

Also search for the unmentionable term on this site.   But brace yourself.   This is satanic ritual abuse.

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