High level corruption: A simple question & a simple answer

Newly awakening peasants tend to be incredulous that so many rich and powerful people could be involved in the child trafficking, rape, torture and murder which is alleged by so many survivors of such abuse. What could induce them to risk everything, their families, their fame and fortune in pursuit of such depravity, especially when they’re at the top of their game? Kissinger? Hastert? Clinton? Seems unlikely.

This question has the reality backwards. These celebrities and power players aren’t percolating up at random from main street based on hard work and luck before being corrupted. They attain their positions because they are already corrupt and hungry and thus controllable (and skimmable) via bribes and blackmail. Otherwise the insiders would never allow them a seat at the table. Talent is not required.

Look at the sorry state of “pop” music and cinema. Does this really represent the best these fields have to offer? No, there are far better musicians and actors around who languish in obscurity.

Obviously the same applies to journalism. People get hired by the MSM based on their willingness to lie.

Sorry if I’m being too obvious here. I’m still a recovering boy scout.

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