Guess Who is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation

Report from a US Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

REPORT: Daily Routine Vaccine Injury in US Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Psychopathy, Quackery, the AAP and Circumcision

Medical Research Rediscovers Harm of Immediate Cord Clamping

Medical Psychopaths Take a Stand Against Violence

Medical Psychopath School: Diary of a 3rd Year Medical Student

2017-02-12 Oxford Univ Medical Ethics Panel: Newborns Have No Rights
2017-03-12 Bioethics and Eugenics: The Ugly Truth
2018-04-13 Vitamin D is so important researchers worry about ethics of placebo in research trials
2020-07-11 Patrick Wood: Technocracy and the “Bioethics” Scam
2020-12-18 Highwire: Medical “Ethics”: Who is Responsible?
2021-02-08 Obama ‘ethics czar’ Eisen now bragging he led the ‘color revolution’ behind the 2020 US election steal
2021-03-07 Corbett: Bioethics and the New Eugenics
2021-03-07 Medical “Ethics” Prof Says Promises Of Freedom To Vaccinate Hesitant People “Powerful Incentive” To Get The COVID Shot

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