A government-engineered FOOD COLLAPSE means citizens must practice “extreme preparedness” or be starved into vaccine compliance

UPDATE from the Health Ranger: If you happen to notice any reduction in my article throughput lately, it’s because I’m prepping like crazy for what’s coming. We are watching the final battle for humanity, and the anti-human, demonic forces are unleashing everything they can muster in a last-gasp effort to try to destroy our human world. And yes, the upcoming coronavirus vaccines will be slow-acting euthanasia shots. Hence the desperation to censor all criticism of vaccines and even reject the Russian-made vaccine which isn’t a kill switch for the simple reason that Russia isn’t at war with the human race (unlike Western globalists).

The next global lockdown will be permanent, and they will attempt to vaccinate everyone using door-to-door vaccine compliance programs administered at gunpoint. If you refuse, you will be taken to a “quarantine camp” which is really just a death camp. If you take the vaccine, you are signing your own death warrant.

Meanwhile, famine is being engineered as a weapon of control, and the powers that be are working to keep people locked down until they can fully achieve their mass starvation goal, which will drive tens of millions of Americans into food banks and FEMA camps where vaccines will be mandated. (Want some food? Here, take this vaccine shot first.) That’s how they’re going to pull off their depopulation agenda: Starve people into vaccine compliance. Food is their weapon of control, followed by vaccines as the weapon of death.

If you aren’t stocking up on food right now, you’re crazy. I’m telling everyone to prepare for 18 months without a food supply. If you figure you can grow 50% of your own food, that means you’ll need 9 months of stored food to survive the full 18 months (and that’s assuming you already know how to garden, and you have seeds and soil, etc.). Most people don’t know how to grow food. Most people will starve to death or be culled in quarantine camps. This is the end game for humanity as you know it.

I’ve just posted a new interview with Jose of ManMadeSurvival.com which offers a fascinating discussion of the problem of other people not being prepared. How do you deal with the non-preppers when it hits the fan? …


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