Why you should pay attention to Alex Jones

To reiterate, he has serious blind spots about US foreign policy particularly in latin america, he’s blind to the plight of women and children at the mercy of american obstetrics (except for the vaccine issue, where he gets an A+) and he never talks about the consequences of an unfettered “free market” in cultivating profitable poverty.   But on virtually every other issue the guy is totally plugged in.   If you can get over his macho bluster and gravelly voice you’ll probably learn a lot.   I know I did, and that was after a 15-year education in realpolitiks moderating misc.activism.progressive on usenet.    He clued me into the fact that the bankster luciferian nazis who implemented the vietnam/latin america/iraq poverty/torture/death squad model have longstanding plans to bring it here.    And although the repugs have helped, it’s the democrats who are leading the charge.   They are fabian fascists.

Anyway, the nazis attempted to recruit his father when he was a kid in texas in the early 80’s and he’s been living and breathing this stuff ever since.   He definitely knows how to read the media.

As an aside, you really should try out his supplement line, it’s top quality and really exposes big pharma as the luciferian cult that it is.

FEMA Psyop Session for US Cops Demonized Founders of USA

Re: 9/11, see the top of the references section on this site.

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