What Was Fauci’s Role In Funding Tuskgegee-Like AIDS Experiments on Foster Children in Seven U.S. States?

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In 2004 – investigative journalist, Liam Scheff, exposed the fact that hundreds of Foster children at Incarnation Children’s Center [ICC] in NYC were used and abused as lab rats for unsupervised and unrestricted AIDS research and Vaccine studies by Big Pharma and The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [NIAID].

Years later in separate investigations – 13,878 children were discovered to have been made subject of the same fate during the 1980’s and 1990’s in six other states: Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Colorado and Texas.

The other reports validated what Scheff had uncovered: there was no one watching the activities – but those who stood to gain from the torturous atrocities happening behind the closed doors of zealous profiteers where most illegal procedures were done without any parental permission, any outside oversight from an independent committee or child welfare agency.

Eventually a Congressional Hearing was held on the matter. (See link #1 below in the References for Liam Scheff’s exposé, link #2 for the documentary: ‘Guinea Pig Kids: ARV-Babies in New York City’, link #3 for more reports from The AP and The Washington Post, and link #4 for the record from The Congressional Hearing.)

As Scheff stated in his report:

This former convent houses a revolving stable of children who’ve been removed from their own homes by the Agency for Child Services [ACS]. These children are black, Hispanic and poor. Many of their mothers had a history of drug abuse and have died.

Once taken into ICC, the children become subjects of drug trials sponsored by NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease, a division of the NIH), NICHD (the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) in conjunction with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies – GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Genentech, Chiron/Biocine and others.

The drugs being given to the children are toxic – they’re known to cause genetic mutation, organ failure, bone marrow death, bodily deformations, brain damage and fatal skin disorders.

Note the Skull and Bones on the label of these ‘Black Box’ drugs.

If the children refuse the drugs, they’re held down and have them force fed. If the children continue to resist, they’re taken to Columbia Presbyterian hospital where a surgeon puts a plastic tube through their abdominal wall into their stomachs. From then on, the drugs are injected directly into their intestines.

See ‘The House That Aids Built’ linked below in The References for more graphic photos of the torture these children suffered.

In 2003, two children, ages 6 and 12, had debilitating strokes due to drug toxicities. The 6-year-old went blind. They both died shortly after. Another 14-year old died recently. An 8-year-old boy had two plastic surgeries to remove large, fatty, drug-induced lumps from his neck.

This isn’t science fiction. This is AIDS research.”

In 2004, Scheff’s exposé was ignored by the whole of MSM. So he self-published it online. This is where I discovered it that same year as I was doing my own research into the criminal activities committed by the U.S. Federal and State Governments through their Foster Care system. The latter appear to directly connect with the former illegal activities, but we’ll return to my discovery in a few moments.

When I read the report, I was much like the general public – totally ignorant of NIAID; its director, funding, etc. and I doubt at that time there were very many other people who would have known who was in charge of the Agency outside of government bureaucrats, scientists, researchers, activists and possibly those who were affected by ‘the AIDS/HIV virus’.

What’s interesting to note here is that the source and/or existence of that pandemic is another highly questionable subject, because it appears to mimic the same scenario that accompanies the latest super-bug to attack the world’s population, the Coronavirus.

In fact – they’re so much alike, one would think the exact same plan had been followed in the production of both epidemics; the older one, AIDS/HIV, using monkeys and the newer one, Corona, using bats. (See link #5 for a shocking revelation re: active viruses in childhood vaccines that cause AIDS, Cancer, and Leukemia plus a host of other diseases and disorders and see link #6 for the traumatic details of how the effects are still plaguing our population decades later.)

Therefore – due to the results of the AIDS/HIV epidemic, those most affected by it had been demanding – from the same Government Agency and pharmaceutical companies – some sort of treatment, vaccine, drug, etc. to stem the tide of the infection.

So the big question back then was:

“Where could Big Pharma and NIAID find lab rats to whom they could offer ‘free medical care’ in the guise of ‘helping to prevent and/or remedy their suffering’ all the while using them in AIDS/HIV drug and vaccine trails – without being bothered from outside interference, the same as was done in the infamous Tuskgegee Syphilis Experiment?” (See link #7.)

As Liam Scheff uncovered – the answer to their mad scientific prayers was the unsupervised and unprotected wards of the state, a.k.a. ‘Foster children’.

However – since the newest pandemic has arisen to overshadow all others, and we now have a much larger group of people demanding the same provisions from the same corporations and Government Agency, we all know who is the head of NIAID.

It’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the lead members of the Trump Administration’s White House Coronavirus Task Force addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.
So a recap of the facts we’ve learned from the corona outbreak – in conjunction with the AIDS/HIV funding that spawned the experiments at Incarnation Children’s Center and elsewhere – are as follows:

1) Dr. Fauci has been the director of NIAID, a division of The Executive Branch of The U.S. Government, since 1984, so he was also director during the Incarnation Children’s Center Experiments in NY as well as in the six other states.

2) His NIAID profile states that he still currently “oversees an extensive research portfolio of basic and applied research to prevent, diagnose, and treat established infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, tuberculosis and malaria as well as emerging diseases such as Ebola and Zika.” (See link #8)

3) Fauci participates in Gate-sponsored Global Health Conferences and is listed on The Leadership Council for The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation (See link #9 and #10.), which has a huge stake in the profits from a Vaccine, Contact Tracing, Microchipping, and various other technologies.

4) NIAID illegally outsourced $3.7 Million in U.S. Tax-payer’s money to Chinese scientists in the Wuhan Lab at the center of the Coronavirus outbreak for researching its ‘gain of function’ – after a moratorium had called a halt to all U.S. involvement in such studies. (See link #11.) and,
5) Fauci famously predicted in a speech from 2017 at Georgetown University: “[…], but also there will be a surprise outbreak […], and the history of the last 32 years that I’ve been the director of NIAID will tell the next administration that there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors were faced with” – in a battle with a pandemic of infectious disease. (See link #12)
Therefore – at this point we must ask: “What was Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role in using NIAID funding, along with Big Pharma in several instances, for Tuskegee-like AIDS/HIV and vaccine experiments that abused and killed Foster Care Children?”
This question becomes even more pertinent when we learn one of Dr. Fauci’s ‘heros’ is Dr. Maurice Hilleman. Hilleman, as head of MERCK’s Vaccine Development Dept., left active (SV 1-40) viruses he knew caused AIDS, Cancer, Leukemia, etc., in Polio Vaccines.
Their perpetual effects are ‘the gifts that keep on giving’ by being genetically passed down through generations. It’s the results of this past criminal activity that have caused the ‘latent’ epidemics – which make billions per year for the pharmaceutical companies and technological corporations – to name only a couple of the profiteering entities.
But what makes this situation even more suspicious is that any new vaccines for the present pandemic have the potential to cause an even greater windfall of profits for the same, and other, entities involved. (See link #5 again for Hilleman’s admission, #13 for Fauci’s praise of the latter, and #14 for further connections of SV-1-40 viruses to NIAID.)
Moreover – since Dr. Fauci is listed on The Leadership Council for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – we must also ask:
“How are they and other researchers, corporations and Government Agencies connected to, and funded by, the Gates Foundation, namely – The CDC and The WHO, involved in repeating the same old experiments – but not just on unprotected Foster children this time?”
Instead they appear to be positioning themselves to force them on an entire world population of people who have no clue to what lengths their own politicians, mad scientists and their financial supporters are willing to go to deliberately harm, subdue and/or kill them. (See links #15 and #16 to discover who owns patents for these viruses.)
After all – if they’re willing to do this to unprotected Foster children, they’re willing to do it to anyone…
So, one must stop at this point and wonder about these things since over 8 million children go missing world-wide every year, 800,000 of them in the U.S. alone. (Stats are from the website for Missing & Exploited Children.)
Even hundreds of thousands more children are taken from their homes and put in these or different torturous circumstances by the same ‘Child Protective Services’ – with no one to actually see what’s become of them. (See #17 for more details re: thousands of registered sex offenders living in these Foster Homes.)
This brings me back to my own discovery of 48,000 children taken in Maryland, one of the other six states involved in this criminal activity, during one year alone. It happened in the same time period, 1996, as the other AIDS/HIV Experiments were on-going.
What I found is that after the dust cleared from the courtroom investigations into their living conditions, only about 14,000 children were ruled to have come from dangerous situations. But this didn’t stop the state from keeping all of the 48,000 children, including the approximately 34,000 that came from innocent families.
So the next three questions are:
1) “What did the state of Maryland do with them – besides making between $40,000 and $150,000 per child from Federal Funding?”
2) “Were they used, abused, tortured, and possibly killed in The Maryland Experiments just like their unchaperoned counterparts in Incarnation Children’s Center?”
But more to the point:
3) “Did Dr. Anthony Fauci approve the funding for all of these atrocities?”
He was, and still is, after all, the director of NIAID and, to me, this buck stops – and starts – with him as well as those in The Executive Branch (which has included: Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump), who have supported his medical and social machinations – without any apparent oversight of his activities.
Since Dr. Fauci apparently likes working under these unrestricted, toxic, injurious and highly compromised conditions, is he really the man you want to trust with the lives of everyone in the United States – including yours and those of your children?
©2020 Faith Dyson
My permission is required to use any of the above content / meme / note, etc. in any OTHER format than as a WHOLE Share on Facebook with my copyright.
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Warning! Graphic photos are within this article showing the children at Incarnation Children’s Center with PEG Tubes in their stomachs while also being tortured with horrendous rashes.
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Wait for it. He links it to NIH.
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17) A CA. audit found over 1,000 registered Sex offenders warehoused with Foster Care children and the Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute estimated that the rate of psychotropic medication use for youth in foster care all over the U.S. is anywhere from 13 to 52 percent, compared to about 4 percent for youth in the general population.
A 2014 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found that at least 18 percent of children in foster care were taking at least one psychotropic medication. Some of the medications have not even been approved as safe and effective for children by the FDA.
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Personal Note:
This effort is dedicated to my [late] great friend and mentor, Liam Scheff – without whose discoveries I would not have put together these puzzle pieces and without whose tireless encouragement I would not have been brave enough to write and publish about any subject much more one of this enormous consequence.

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